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Having done some 7,500 performances over the past three decades, Quavel is a force in the music industry but it was something that almost didn’t happen. As a kid, Quavel dreamed of being a famous musician but his dad told him to stop dreaming about such nonsense. In fact, he forbade his son from not only trying to have a career in music, but being creative altogether. Quavel would spend the days working in his father’s garage, and his nights learning his way around the keyboards. Once he was old enough to do what he wanted, he spent his 30’s 12,000 miles from home in Key West, Florida. 


There he found himself engulfed in Latin music scene. In no time Quavel found a sense of peace doing what he loved. While there he produced almost 800 records – all of which he hid from his father because there was still a stigma hanging in the air about working as a musician. Over time though, reality set in and Quavel stepped away from music to start and raise a family. Today, his father is gone and Quavel is now ready to pick things back up again with a cascade of new music including his latest single, “Fuiste Mía.” 


While Quavel is a one-man band, he has spent his career working with musicians from around the world to various degrees. Not fluent in Spanish, but a lover of the language, he’s worked with translators and singers to bring his Latin pop to life; songs like “El Mensaje” and “Fuiste Mía. The first being about a young, shy boy’s first love and the initial step he must take to confess his feelings to her. The latter describes the loss of love after witnessing the one who has your heart flirting with another. Quavel has more music coming in 2020, including “Insomnia,” a song that will tell the tale of a woman who’s sensuality keeps a boy up all night. 


Quavel spent so much of his life hiding who he was from the likes of his father because while the world celebrates the art of music regularly, his own father could not see the value of it when his son was behind the music. After spending his 30’s creating more than his fair share of music, producing for others, and performing almost 8,000 shows in secret from his father, he stepped back, but is not back and ready for the world to know his name once more. Currently Quavel has a handful of songs, including four new ones from 2020, available on Spotify now that over 10,000 monthly listeners have continued to enjoy with fervor. As the year continues to go Quavel will work on releasing more music and planning more shows for when the world is ready for live music once more.


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